My life Poem

OMG what have i done? (you can all have this one for free) Wrote this during my Dj days..

Its the weekend and I could be out there
sinning and spinning
wining and dining
flirting and skirting
gambling and babbling
abusing and accusing
insulting and buckling
fighting and biting
butting and cutting
caring and sharing
chapping and chasing
choking and churning
beaming and scheming
bonding and bouncing
hitting and clicking
dancing and prancing
cursing and crawling
tooing and frowing
belching and blanching
blasting and blazing
boozing and oozing
ducking and diving
shagging and bragging
Alas that was all in my past life and the reasons
why i lost my wife
instead of all of the above i’m gonna think and
regress about the crazy life it was
Now I’m gonna lay me down to sleep
and pray the lord for my soul to keep
and if i don’t wake up ever again
you can all be assured that this guy was fecking insane.

(copyright calsarwar)


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