Clubbing Poem

Heres another poem from my dj days

Clubbing my life that was
rules and regulations were not for me
that was plain for everybody to see
I lived my life to shock and disappoint
I did it my way in every pub, club and joint

They said hey Cal play us that toon
smoking dope and wired to the moon
floosies in short skirts and revealing thongs
It was too much to resist and I wasn’t one to right any wrongs

Spinning record after record and disc after disc
mixing it up with rave, hip hop house and disco
in London, Ibiza, mexico city and even San Francisco

In Beijing china or on an ocean liner
I travelled to facilitate my own sins and yours

continuous shameless debauchery with naked girls
on roof tops, palaces and the worlds dance floors

Not stopping to think
pulling a bird
with the power of a single wink

Hotels swimming pools and beaches
Ferraris bimbo’s hangers on and leaches
they all came and they all went
leaving it to me to settle the bills and pay the rent

I did it my way
I lived my life fast
because good times are so precious
and we all know they never last

I ignored my family I ignored their advice
playing with fire rolling the dice
I knew that it would come to an end
but I never expected it like this
and i’m not going to pretend

Alas whats done is done
and if it wasn’t
life would not have been so much fun
life is too short and we can all reminisce
if we knew what was ahead of us
we would probably give it all a miss

(copyright cal sarwar)


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