Me Myself & Politicians

Cal Sarwar : Me Myself Politicians

I signed a contract today. Not sure what it was for and why but I just felt like signing an autograph putting pen to paper myself instead of other people doing it for me. I felt I had to take my opportunity and do it hastily prior to the men in white coats coming to pick me up and taking me away. It was good being free for a day or was it hours? Nevertheless, there is no price for freedom even though I’m condemned to go back to that 10×6 padded cell in the ancient cellars below the ‘House of Commons’ chambers and amongst my peers.
For those of you who have never had the pleasure of existing in such a harsh but tranquil environment I suggest you try it. It’s a kind of mix of Utopia Ecstasy and a WW2 Japanese prison camp. How did I ever get here I hear you ask? Well it’s a short story and if I may indulge I would like to share it with you one day but alas not today as it is also time for my hourly inoculation and fusion of  mind altering chemicals which are injected into my left buttock and will see me through the next sixty minutes.
After the inoculation and for those precious sixty minutes, I shall become egotistical and narcissistic, followed by going into a period of blatant and unashamed ignorance, carelessness and greed when I will not converse in any reasonable or thoughtful way akin to people who deny the bliss and pleasure of my condition or whom are politicians.
However, friends I bid thee farewell until next time as I can see that my carriage has arrived with the aforementioned men in white coats. I do dearly hope that they have brought with them the correctly sized retaining white jacket for me as the previous one was diminutive for a man of my stature, which led me to suffer immense pain en route to my damp ridden 10×6 residence.
And because of my mental condition or state of mind there is no hope of me ever receiving any compensation for cruelty towards me by the state.


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