My Visit to the Dentist

My visit to the dentist.
I went into dentist yesterday with no issues and simply for a check up. After x-rays and 10 minutes of probing, the butcher is not satisfied with my pearly whites. He just could not resist the temptation to tamper with what’s inside ones mouth. So out comes the injection to numb the area that he felt required his special attention. Shortly after came the dreaded drill and the carving tool. Another 20 minutes of poking, drilling and filling pass by with me lying on the reclining chair with my mouth held wide open like a zoo crocodile at feeding time and with absolutely no idea what is going on inside. (why can they not put a camera in with the light on their head and the screen on the ceiling looking down so we can keep up with the action in our gobs?) Finally he’s finished, my face is now deformed, I sign the papers and get sent on my way. I wake up this morning Ouch!
Not only is there a gaping hole where he carried out the road works but now my back molar is as sharp as the said crocodiles teeth, cutting my inner cheek and tongue every time I try to eat or close my mouth.
Anyway to string a short story long I spent 15 minutes on the telephone speaking to the butchers ignorant receptionist to simply make an appointment to get the issues he created inside in my mouth corrected. Effin Jelly beans and low and behold she informs me that the butcher was fully booked and did not have a space in his diary until April. My desperate plea was falling on deaf ears.
And so I hung up the phone and decided to take my own action.
Ask me what I done then..
Hold on I shall tell ya.
So I went into my garage and took out my camping gear, sleeping bag, cooker, flask, some provisions and everything I needed for a short stay away from home.
Then I climbed into my car and made my way to the butchers and his ignorant receptionist’s clinic.
I hear you say ‘oh no you didn’t’
Oh yes I bloody well did! I pitched my tent, laid out my sleeping bag in the clinics reception area. The police arrived well before the butcher came out of his treatment room. You don’t need me to tell you what I said to them or the butcher. However, I did also clearly state that I was not prepared to move out until the issues the butcher created in my mouth were fixed.
Furthermore, I insisted that another partner at the practice made the corrections.
The police initially sided with the butcher but then were more sympathetic. Anyway, 20 minutes later another partner of the dental firm did come forward and correct the matter in question.


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