Saudi cleric issues fatwa against all-you-can-eat buffets

Why Evolution Is True

All I can say today is, “Thank Ceiling Cat I’m not a Muslim.” For there’s nothing I like to see more when I’m hungry than a sign that says “all you can eat” (or, in England, the characteristically more polite “all you care to eat”).  It is a Rule of Eating if you like good food, you like lots of good food. A true gourmet will also be a gourmand. If I’m in Louisiana, give me a table, a pitcher of beer, and someone who will pour endless buckets of boiled crawfish onto the butcher paper covering my table. The same goes for crabs in Baltimore and oysters in Charleston. That is why, when I’m in a strange town and hungry, I will ask restaurant advice from strangers who are, well, a bit portly. 

Sadly, the Saudis may no longer have this option, for, according to Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-owned…

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