Dear reader.

Welcome to my new blog page.
Those of you who know me personally will already have a good idea of what I’m all about, for those of you who don’t, be prepare to be entertained, warmed, amused, or just plain old pissed off with my views on everything and anything. From rants, conspiracy theories to no holds barred sheer indulgence (because I can) writing about issues that hack me off or turn me on. ‘err lets skip the turn me on bit for now’
However all of the above will come with a warning;
From time to time I will post blogs that just don’t make any sense unless you are intoxicated, so please do not complain, reply or email me about these blogs, after all it’s not my fault that you’re not on the same cloud as I am.
Advice; Go get yourself a pitcher of vodka settle down and reread.

Oh and did I tell you about my forthcoming book.
‘The Cell The Faith & The Wolf’
I hear you ask what the **** is that all about?
Well I shall tell you what is inside the tin, do books come in tins?

Islamic or Faith based terror has touched us all in one way another.
But the bizarre thing is no one has ever told us the story from behind the scenes, given us an inside view or a fly on the wall perspective about this new endemic.
Not only have I done the above I have infused it with a fictional story. So back to what’s inside the tin here is a brief synopsis. After reading, the synopsis and you are still not sure about parting with your hard-earned cash. Then I suggest you download the free sample chapters (links will be posted). And if that doesn’t push you to buy, then please contact me and tell me about your reasons so that I can warn everyone else that you said it’s a load of Sh***.

The Preface & Intro;
The origins of faith the holy men & the despots. The author’s right or wrong interpretation of violence and Islam.

The Facts:
Incredible & chilling quotes in the Jihadists own words attempting to justify why they do what they do. English translation of the Qur’anic verses the Jihadists universally use and quote to justify their violent extremist actions.
A  9/11 Hijacker Jihadists final preparations and moments. (English translation of a letter found in his luggage) A list of just some of the major terror or holy jihad attacks since 9/11/01. A detailed list of known, current, and former, militia groups and the regions in which they operate.

‘The Thriller’ The Cell The Wolf & The Faith;
The Story: An unemployed, frustrated and disillusioned British born university graduate & Muslim of Pakistani origin on a visit to Pakistan unexpectedly & unintentionally links up with an extreme and outlawed group based in the North West of the country. The group is led by the fugitive known as the ‘Sheikh’, a former aid and close friend of Osama Bin Laden the former leader of Al Qaeda.
Four years on the Edinburgh University graduate is the callous commander of his own European Islamic terror network & Cell in the United Kingdom.

The commander astutely finds ways to fund his terror Cell and lifestyle through various underhand activities including a bogus charity. He ruthlessly hunts for recruits, he exploits and indoctrinates into his UK Cell to help him deliver his first attack in the United Kingdom

To help him plan and execute the spectacular attacks he brings in his right hand man, another UK born Pakistani and childhood friend. Now an international explosives specialist based in Dubai and advisor to dozens of terror groups around the world. The explosives specialist is an assassin for hire, an international fugitive and designer of ‘improvised explosive devices or IED’s which have been responsible for the deaths of 100’s of western military personnel around the world.

To source the materials the commander and the explosives assassin need to deliver their mission first takes them to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and then to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland where they engage in business with a former Northern Irish republican now a notorious Irish gangster.

Unknown to the commander and his cell is that they have a rival who also wants to make a statement of his own as a Muslim Jihadist; is he disturbed, frustrated, unsettled, hungry for knowledge or looking for recognition? A ‘lone wolf’ a teenage schoolboy, Muslim and again of Pakistani origin who uses the internet to covertly radicalise himself and painstakingly plot is attack. He designs, sources and manufactures his homemade explosives to go on and deliver his own missions.

That’s it for now.
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