Offer to British Bloggers!


I’m new to blogging and I understand that it’s the place to be for authors is that right?  

Please Share This Post
Please Share This Post

I have an offer for Bloggers in the United Kingdom who have a large British following. Do you fancy a special promotion goodie bag and an exclusive personalised/signed copy of my  hopefully blockbusting new book
‘The Cell The Wolf & The Faith’?  A gripping thriller with everything anyone ever needs to know about the worrying topic of Islamic terrorism. Then get in touch with me and let’s work together to get this new independent author on the map.

However, if the goodie bag and book is of no use to you and you have another proposal, again get in touch, lets talk. 

I’m looking for seasoned bloggers to help me promote my book on the web, there’s about 50 spots available, yes I’m giving away up to 50 goodie bags and books. You will get yours shortly after the official launch of the book approximately 12  to 16 weeks after the pre order launch.
Ok I know what you are thinking, ‘I’m going to use you, not keep my word and its a scam’ 
Wrong!……….. If you do the work and I don’t keep my word then feel free to tell your public I swindled you.  
Can’t get any fairer than that! Guaranteed to ruin sales and probably my career.
Hey, If The Book Does Make It Big Then Who Knows What I Will Offer You!

Check me out here: twitter @calsarwar

My publisher:


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