My Breast Ache & The Jihadist

It’s been a long road from a rebel school boy to dj, cricketer, businessman, club owner, husband, dad, law graduate, radio a5poster
Incredible highs and lows in about 35 countries and every continent but I always found my way back to Bonnie Scotland.
Now I’m here because I’ve written a book nothing to do with any of the above. A radical change of direction.
Why? I’m not really sure.
It could be because the security at the airport kept taking my drinks away and then forcing me to take my shoes and belt off or those uncomfortable cavity searches.

But seriously.. Its more because, I feckin detest terrorist whatever their faith, whatever their reasons and whatever their cause. I just can’t get to grips with killing innocent men and women, I can’t get to grips with killing children and pregnant women, I can’t get to grips with bombing hospitals, schools, buses and cafe’s, savagely butchering off duty soldiers or hijacking planes to use them as missiles.
Its all gone too far… I remember they used to say ‘one mans terrorists is another man’s freedom fighter’ but that argument just holds a lot of pish in my view and always has done.
Fighting against an oppressing or evil regime is one thing but atrocities against the innocent and in public places is another.

Being outspoken, a shit stirrer, and a well read former Human Rights consultant this worrying and frightening endemic of Islamic or Faith based terrorism is really as Peter Griffin would say ‘grinding my gears’ or as I like to put it, ‘its fecking making me sick.’
Not only because of all the reasons above but because I too am a Muslim.  And today I am seeing this huge once respected monotheistic ideology being shredded by a handful of self acclaimed despot jihadists with a carte blanche attitude to destroy, kill, maim and interrupt anywhere, everywhere, including  their fellow Muslims.

So being totally pissed off and having sore tits about this issue
I sat down one day in the airport lounge and wrote a whole sentence of expletives to describe them, which later developed into a paragraph and so on.
What else can you do when you have nothing else to do? Does that make sense? Any way the murder of Lee Rigby on a London Street really hit home and I felt someone needed to tell the real story about the extremists and how they work.

WHY?  Because there was another issue that was giving me breast ache.
All we have had so far from most of the Islamic clerics and leaders since 9/11 here is a sitting on the fence attitude. Shit scared to speak up and in their own wee world not publicly or wholeheartedly condemning terror incidents against non Muslims even though they are themselves peaceful.
Then we have had the Hollywood makeover of Islamic terrorism movies and documentaries, which are nowhere near the real story on the ground.

And so for my research and a shot at using the latest AK47, I went undercover and I mean deep undercover akin to Eddy Murphy ‘Axel Foley’ to get a real perspective from the inside.
Sadly, I sat with the very people I detested, I ate with them, I drank with them and I prayed with them, in caves, in tents, in wooden shacks and in million dollar homes.To find out why they do what they do. ‘Me thinks one won’t be a dinner guest of theirs again some time soon’

My conclusion; they do it for ‘amusement’ its all ‘one big game’ the terror group leaders have an immense love for violence, nothing turns them on more than child brides and strapping explosives on to weak individuals and sending them to their deaths in the name of their ideology and for their martyrdom. PISH!
Furthermore…. in this blog I’m not even going to mention the PISH in Palestine, yes I worked there too for an organisation called ‘the International Courts of Justice’ and one day I will share that experience with you too.

Anyway like I said earlier, I have written a book. A big thanks goes out to my old school teachers who painstakingly indoctrinated the English language into my soft cranium.  My parents were more or less illiterate unable to help me with my homework, but hey, they tried their very best to make sure I received the education that they were denied, albeit with my dad kicking shit out of my regularly.
So back to the book..
In the heart of my book is what you will call a fictional story, ok it may be a tad farfetched but if someone told you that 2 passenger jets were going to get hijacked and crashed into two iconic buildings in new York, wouldn’t you have said that was a bit farfetched?The book is titled: ‘The Cell The Wolf & The Faith’ with the tag line; ‘A British Thriller with everything you need to know about Islamic terrorism,’ However, before any wanabe Jihadist out there get an erection,  I have stopped short of giving the full and accurate descriptions on making a bomb at home.I believe the description of the western Muslim terrorists way of life, the preface and the fictional story is about as close to reality as I could get.
My own thoughts on violence & Islam are also there, (for what they are worth).  I’m asking the readers am I right or am I wrong?
Then after the fictional story is the timeline of just ‘some’ of the terror attacks around the world committed by Islamic Extremists, this gives you an idea how serious and widespread the issue is. Here is a quickie; More than 10,000 people have been murdered every year by Islamic Jihadist’s or militias since 9/11. I haven’t got my calculator handy but that’s a lot of 9/11’s.
I have also listed some actual quotes from the extremists, couple the quotes with the letter found in a 9/11 hijackers bag  and his to do list before his death, gives you an insight into the disturbed minds of these dangerous people.
I’ve included an English translation of the verses from the Holy Qur’an these bam pots use to justify why they do what they do,killing people and carrying out there attacks.
Make of them what you will, I’m no scholar and sadly the prophet ‘Muhammad’ (Saw) is no longer with us to give his definitive meanings and explanations to these verses. They are difficult to explain and more difficult to understand.
I have included a list of just ‘some’ of the known armed Islamic groups around the world, however some of these have denounced terrorism and gone on to become recognised political groups.

Finally, to all my Muslim friends, brothers and sisters I would like to apologise for any comments, quotes explanations that may be incorrect. By no means do I intend to offend anyone. If there is anything, you find offensive or incorrect please email me direct to discuss the issue.


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