Publishers Closed To Newcomers…

Friends times are hard for independent & unknown writers because the big monopolising publishers who more or less own the shelf space in all the major book  stores on and offline just don’t take the risks they once did.
They are simply not  taking on new and unknown  authors, no matter how talented they maybe thus sticking to the same old same old.  So I want to thank my own publisher and the team at ‘Britains Next Best  Seller’ for allowing me a foot in the door in this incredibly challenging, controlled and closed to newcomers industry.
For a limited period and from 28th of March 2014 you will be able to pre order a personalised book, which you will receive approximately 2 weeks from the official launch date.
So come on friends support the little man and the smaller publishers, I promise to personally sign every pre order copy and add your personal message. I also honestly expect the first print run to be sold out and the second print run may not be until after Christmas then add to that the distribution time… so to avoid disappointment please pre order. Whether the book is for yourself or a present you won’t be disappointed… Unfortunately, the e-book is not available to pre order but will be available later in the year.


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