Oscar Pistorius.. Has the bully been found out?


Well friends it’s time to give you all my view for what it’s worth, on Oscar Pistorius the south African  blade runner ‘athlete’ and his crying in the dock over the last few days.
First a word or two for the media, yes the case is in the public interest and should be reported, but what the hell, last time I checked I lived in the UK. The TV & radio here is saturated with live, and pre recorded reporting of this unfortunate case. The airtime given to this case is ridiculous. The army of British journalists over there on a freebie ticket is ridiculous. Commercial media, fair enough you decide how you spend your money. However, the BBC British Broadcasting Corporation who are financed by the license fee and tax payer have sent a jet load of journalists too, is this a wise move using our money to report a case that only a small minority of us their funders are remotely interested in?
Surely, there must be other news that needs to be aired and reported. Can we not leave this case to the South African media to exploit?

Back to Mr Oscar Pistorius.
In my experience and I have had a few wide ranging ones over the years, pleasant, unpleasant and downright dirty.
When a bully, tormentor an A-hole and egotistic narcissist is caught, found out and in a corner he inevitably cries like a baby and the above mentioned individual fits that profile like a glove.
However If you can pardon the pun I believe he will walk away scot free as the enquiries, investigations and procedures immediately after the incident are questionable.


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