Plain English Guaranteed!


I always post in plain English to reach a wider audience do you? Or are you only interested in engaging with English reading and speaking scholars and experts?
A few years ago whilst working in Tunisia I met up with many of my Face book fans and followers. The biggest grievance they had was that they were unable to connect with me on social media.  Although they spoke and read English reasonably well, they were unable to understand many of my posts. Yes, the English in which I was writing my posts was alien to them.
So from that moment onwards I decided to write all future posts in plain English. Suddenly I was engaging with a much wider and diverse audience. I was attracting dozens of new comments and feedback from around the world. It was a simple adjustment.
Here on WordPress I see posts that are written in an English that is sometimes even alien to me and I’m a British law graduate. It begs the question how does the rest of the world see these posts?
I will tell you how. They look then they look again and then they look away.
Does the writer  only want to exclusively attract likeminded people or does he or she want to attract a wider audience which would without a doubt make them culturally richer?


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