Jihadists in Britain

ImageTerrorism is without doubt on the rise and fast becoming an endemic. it is the greatest threat to humankind today second only to phenomena which comes directly from our creator.
Whosoever contemplates it whosoever inflicts it, it does not have any parameters or rules. It is intended by design to be hard to pin down and impossible to wholly eradicate and will remain so until the end of time.

There are no best ways to fight it, there are no answers when the followers of some of these ideologies are in every respect prepared to succumb and martyr their lives in the process of their terror act, which we call terrorism and they call Holy Jihad.

While it is an issue without a solution, there are methods I think to perhaps attempt to slow down the recruitment process and the occurrence of any terror attacks in Britain in the future.

First as the citizens and stakeholders in Britain we have to empower ourselves and not leave the issue solely for our government and law enforcement bodies to resolve.
By empowering ourselves I do not mean take up arms, I mean empower ourselves with knowledge of the ideology which the extremists or terrorists and their supporters follow and not go by what we watch, hear and read in the overly biased non Islamic news media.
This empowering is very easy to do, we must bring down the barriers between our own beliefs, ideologies, and those of the extremists and listen and listen and listen again.
We must immediately get rid of our lethargic attitude to learning about something negative until it’s on our doorstep and friends terrorism has crept up and is on our doorstep today.

It’s a fact that there is nothing a Muslim enjoys more than talking about his religion and that there is no greater reward for a Muslim who spreads the knowledge of his religion to non Muslims.

Once we have sat down with Muslims in our own communities and begun to listen then we have begun the process of engaging and building that all-important bridge. This is the bridge that will overtime slow down the rise in the number of jihadist and supporters of extremism in our communities.

Rest assured Britain is awash with Muslim Jihadist sympathisers. Do not be fooled by the silence in the Muslim corner, even our government has announced that there are at least 400 British Muslims fighting alongside various anti government militias in Syria. I would put that figure nearer a 1000.
Just recently, a young British Muslim was killed fighting alongside what seemed to be Al Qaida linked militias, following his death his father also a British citizen praised his son’s actions. A chilling example of what is behind the Islamic curtain here in Britain.

The more we listen and engage in proper face to face dialogue with young Muslims and seriously attempt to understand and to perhaps help resolve the underlying issues, the fewer home grown Jihadist this country will produce.


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