Prince Charles & What The Polish War Refugee Heard..

Holdeth the head line news reel..Woweth jiggle me loose change and lets hire a floosie for the night!… a Polish war refugee in Canada has created a stir in our little Queenie Lizzies bowels. The said refugee while chewing the fat with our heir apparent to the padded throne Charlie big ears, (whom I shall refer to as Noddy) about the one testicular self appointed supremist lover of all things Jewish Adolf Hi Ho Hiitler and his incursions, invasions and takeover of countries. Said..The Prince said that, oh wait he didn’t say that but said something to the effect of. ‘It’s not unlike what Putin is doing,’ from what she recalled…
Now the key to her reeking excrement & baloney are the words ‘to the effect of’ and ‘from what she recalled’ This undoubtedly informs us that she’s not in truth certain what our Noddy actually said. But low and behold regardless and without any verification, without anyone else hearing the annotations our beloved Noddy is being hung, drawn and quartered.
Wishful thinking for some. But not for I as a seeker of the truth no matter how much or how little pain it causes, And in search of that truth, you my friends would expect me to query the matter. Of course you would expect me to pour doubt over it all and present some queries myself about the whole charade. And so not to disappoint you all, queries is what I have.
1.Why has this woman made public a private tête-à-tête, is it because of some concealed agenda?
2. Without any verification why are the media accepting her word and not preceding the comments with the now common and legally accepted adage ‘allegedly’ ???
3. Is it because Noddy and his unrelenting parasite relatives are fair game, they accept the denigration and rarely counter act because lets face it, they must be smug whilst receiving the huge and hefty remuneration we tax payers bestow on them annually?


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