200 Books for Ramahdan!


hit the image to go website

hit the image to go website

Buy a personalised book, tell your friends, relations about it & sell a book to help a good cause easy peazy do it today.

The incredible, charity and holy month of Ramahdan is upon us, So I have donated 200 books to various charities (includes free P&P for other countries please contact me) I will consider the purchase as a donation of zakat. Four selected charities supporting Syria, Palestine, Pakistan & Africa will receive the money, The only way the charities will benefit is if you buy a book.

The book will be published in late September not only will it be signed by me but it will also have your name printed inside. You could have your own name, a child’s or any other loved one or even someone who has passed.

I would also appreciate it very much if you could share this link and encourage your friends and relatives to make the purchase and support a good cause.

A fantasic collectors piece or present whilst at the same time supporting a good cause.

The count down has started so make the purchase now. using the exclusive link above.

Oh and be sure to give the exact name you would like printed inside the book.



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