My Missing Underpants…


Whilst in an African country recently and whilst I was sauntering through a local open market my attention was drawn to a second hand clothing stall. At the Stall were a couple rummaging through the selection of the au couture on display. I use the term on display loosely as the goods were just thrown on to a large table, a jumble of gents, children’s and women’s clothing.
Anyway, I noticed the female holding up a pair of men’s underpants to show her husband, after a short debate with him she then made the purchase.
I watched on keenly and then realised those pants were mine, the ones that had been stolen from my hotel balcony along with several other items.
Now I had a dilemma what do I do? I plucked up the courage and approached the couple, after explaining to them about where the Bjorn Borg labelled figure hugging boxers with ample room came from, they agreed to resell the boxers to me and they also agreed to provide me with their names and residential address. RESULT!
A few hours later I went back to the market stall with two over fed truncheon wielding policemen, wearing the most ridiculous khaki coloured police uniforms.
To cut a long story short they immediately arrested the market trader, confiscated the goods and frog marched him to my hotel.
After rummaging through the goods myself along with other hotel patrons we found most
of our missing items.
So what of the market trader, one can only guess.


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