Middle East Propaganda

MIDDLE EAST PROPAGANDA is rife many innocent people over there and here in the west are getting vilified whether they are for or against a particular side or even if they sit on the fence. Its a fact that all parties involved tend to turn on people who do not give 100% blanket support to their cause.

The Zionists are blatant liars Hamas, Hezbollah & the many other militias fighting against the Zionists are blatant liars. Many people who have had relatives, siblings and friends killed in the dispute there and maybe understandably in search of justice have become liars. This is a long running war and dispute based on lies, propaganda and deep rooted hatred. Absolute rule in the area is the objective for both sides which, like everything else equates to money and to power. There will be no winners here both parties are hell bent on destroying and wiping out each the other.  The Palestinians if they were to overrun and destroy the Zionists, and remove them from the occupation of the disputed territories will then turn on each other as Islamic militias/jihadists have done in Libya and other regions of the world. In reality, there are more than a dozen or even 20 or 30 armed Palestinian militias and this is the reason why every time Hamas agree to a ceasefire one or more of their other partners breaks it, sometimes to undermine the Zionists and sometimes to undermine the ruling militia Hamas itself.

Recently we have seen both sides ruthlessly killing at will rest assured this will continue to go on in some format until time stands still.

We away from the troubles can protest, donate and support a particular side as much as we like, but again in reality all the warring parties want is our money and they are getting it in shit loads. This money is what is helping the cold-hearted leaders to continue their firm hold, to indoctrinate and oppress their own citizens in pursuit of their ultimate goal.
Their propaganda machines are working 24/7 installing fear and further hatred into the minds of every man woman and child in Gaza in Lebanon in Israel in the Middle East.

To achieve their ultimate goals they, all parties are calculated and callous they will not hesitate to blatantly use their well oiled machines which produce and manufacture half truths and misinformation to feed us even if this propaganda turns every Muslim on this planet & every Jew on this planet against each.
They the leaders are more than happy looking on and watching innocent men woman and children being slaughtered. They will continue to live their own lives with their own families living safely, living in luxury with bulging bank accounts in neighbouring countries.
More to follow..


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