UK Exports Joining the Islamic State

.Lots of stories coming out of Syria that many UK or Western Islamic State fighters are looking for a safe route to get back home sighting their reasons as ‘ we didn’t sign up for this’ bla bla bla..Bullshit.. Yes you did! This is a calculated and callous lie! You are filled with hate, you say this and yet you still continue fighting and enjoying being in the heat of this theatre, thinking that you are carrying out direct orders from your god and prophet.

Yes you would love to get back home now that you have tasted the joy of killing, maiming or raping men women and children who you consider as infidels, Kuffars and enemies of you, your faith, your prophet and your god.

You want to bring back this experience and deliver it to the streets of Britain, but you are concerned you may get locked up if or when you do step on British soil again. This would foil and hinder your grand plan, which is to destroy our civilised society and forcibly impose your warped ideology on others.

Oh and I forgot to mention that you’re most probably also missing the luxuries you once enjoyed, showing off the latest IT gadgets, the 60 inch plasma tv at home, the Xbox, the latest Iphone, Calvin Klein Boxers, pornographic videos and other aspects of the Western lifestyle your chosen ideology supposedly vilifies and denigrates.

If you were allowed to come back you will certainly hide yourselves from view, go to ground and become sleeper cells or lone wolfs simmering, planning and waiting for the next time you get an open opportunity or even the next time you get pissed of with your unexciting or even boring life here.

Then you will unleash and discharge your venom, hate and violence actions against and on our peaceful society. No place public or private, No street, road or alleyway, No school, station, airport, place of worship, bus stop, cafe or restaurant, No Faith, No person man woman elderly, infirm, baby or child including non conforming Muslims will be off your single minded and sweeping radar.

So cut the BS! If I and the many other law abiding citizens here had it our way, you would all be sent to Guantanamo Bay and slowly fed to the sharks & piranha that swim around it.

The problem with Britain is…its a country that goes above and beyond of being fair & equal. Our answer to wrong doers is: ‘Lets try and rehabilitate them’ waste resources that could be used for better purposes. Lets get the psychologists, social workers and other useless boffin’s to work with them.

Our jails are too soft our human rights protocols are to lenient, we are a mamby pamby state.
We all know rehabilitation doesn’t really work.. Just check the numbers and the facts.. the huge majority of criminals that come out of Jail re offend.

However we are talking about Islamic faith based extremism and radicalisation here, which is a completely different ball game..

These comments and crap I hear coming out of the mouths of not only British politicians but also from community leaders including clerics that these guys and gals have to be de-radicalised …Again Bullshit & fecking LOLS!
If you cannot rehabilitate a shop lifter, a bank robber, a paedophile, a rapist or any other type of habitual criminal and law breaker then you certainly cannot de radicalise an Islamic faith based extremist!

And who exactly are these 100 Islamic clerics, imams and community people who have signed a public letter printed in the press recently condemning these UK exports that have joined the Islamic State Jihadists? 100 people mostly unknown and unheard of nobody’s!
Where were they in 2001? Where were they in 2005? Where was there voice when Al Qaeda was rampant ?

And furthermore to our UK good doers and people who think they can get into the Islamic mind..Los…. Are you having a laugh?

Islam is a powerful drug and unlike any other state of religious mind or ideology.
Just reciting the words, verses and chapters from its base book the holy Qur’an venerating the almighty gives the individual tremendous highs and induces a state of celestial or divine intoxication.

Indeed many Muslims do partake and enter into this state of mind regularly in solitary or in groups which they call ‘Dikhr or Zikhr’. Suicide bombers, Mujahedeen soldiers and even troubled Muslims prepare for their challenges by first connecting and venerating the almighty in a state of ‘Dikhr or Zikhr’ for a few hours to months on end.

Its considered to be the closest a human being can be with god whilst they are in this life, before they die and before they face him for their final tests.
When in doubt about any aspect of their ideologies interpretation, uncertainties in life or when they are challenged with life’s struggles then ‘Dikhr’ is the recommended and prescribed medicine.

Now, do the authorities really think they can stop a radicalised Muslim from entering into Dikhr?
Do the authorities really think they have a better answer to a Muslims doubts or issues in this life other than him being close to god?

Once a Muslim has had a taste of this blessed mental state, they will never be diverted to any other interpretation, ideology or state of mind.
And yes it is in and from this state of mind a Muslim extremist gets his confidence, his assurances to carry out the barbaric and heinous crimes that we are seeing, without any guilt, without any reservations and without any mercy.


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