Questioning the Islamic 72 Virgin theory? (my facebook post & conversation so far)

Please excuse the grammar/spelling etc this has been copied from my face book wall.


I’m a Musim believe it or not and as you all probably also know I do not follow my faith blindly or on the word of others. I am 100% self taught however I listen to preachers and scholars either I accept their views or I don’t its simple as that. I make my own mind up.  I don’t go by what my dad told me or my mum told me, not what I heard the local preacher say or what I was taught by my cleric teachers as a young boy.

I am not afraid like most other Muslims are either, to query or ask Muslim clerics and imams controversial or questions that puzzle me or for which I can’t find my own answers. With the caveat that I may think they are talking shite and counter argue albeit in a respectable manner or politely say that I’m not going to accept their view, However before I reply or walk away I always listen no matter how far fetched or extreme I think their response is.

So I asked an imam these questions a few days ago, rather than reply or debate he and his entourage went raj and then the security threw me out!
My questions:
If the jihadists the so called martyrs and even peaceful pious male Muslims automatically enter the land of milk and honey in the hereafter and the key reward is your own harem of dozens and dozens of young virgins (72 or half a gross), which if true tells me the reward for acts of martyrdom or strictly adhering to Islam is actually an abundant fulfilment of sexual lust.

Is this really what the hereafter is all about according to Islam? Is this what Islam’s big test in this life is all about?Is this why Muslims are abstaining from many things in this life so they can be rewarded endless sex in the hereafter?
Is Islam using ‘sex’ to lure in believers?

Are we blatantly being enticed by Islam? Be good follow the rules and its sexual ecstasy for evermore. Be bad and it’s the hellfire for eternity.. the old adage comes to mind ‘sex sells’


Can we denounce the sex industry here and now when Islam’s big reward is Sex in the hereafter?
Then if Islam is truly an ideology of equality, what do the pious females and martyrs get?
a: An equal amount of male virgins, b: Do the female virgins then become enslaved for the males?
b: What do the women and girls do or where do they go, when the men are fulfilling their lust?
b: Or do they all qualify for anne summers vouchers?

The daft boys/security from the mosque tried it on outside then ran back in when they saw my own Russian security come out of the car.. lols

 Following conversations and replies.

Lois Smith: Such poignant questions Cal. i got told off n never to return to my local catholic church in my 20’s as I asked these questions (based on what I had read in the Jerusalem bible which was my confirmation gift from my godmother (a nun from the same church)… 1 where in the bible does is say a man should be allowed to beat and violate a woman just because she is his wife…. 2 the bible states that there should be no temples in which to worship isn’t a church a temple of sorts ?…. 3 we are taught in the bible not to worship statues/idols, isn’t Christ on the cross just that ?… 4 we are taught not to sacrifice on alters, By sharing the bread and wine arn’t we symbolizing the sacrifice of Christ when it’s referred to as the body and blood of Christ ? which by the way we have it blessed (ritual) over a sacrificial altar… Surely answering questions helps people understand and shunning them telling them they are no longer wanted is wrong?

Nasir Jaffri: Ann Summers vouchers!! Only our man Cal could think of that! Btw what does yr relgion say about breaking a promise? U said u were going to break bread with me this week.

Midas Ents: I gotta share this Cal if you don’t mind?

Brian Kirkwood: As I said many a time belief in sky wizards is not only wrong it’s bloody stupid too

Adil Khan: That’s a stereotypical view of the here after. There’s eternal peace. Beautiful gardens huge lands. Anything you could ever wish for will be given in an instant. There are much more examples. Too few have been spoken about. It’s just a choice if whether you wish to forever remain in hellfire or reside in paradise. There is so much more to it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and view. Just don’t discriminate because of what you may have forcefully been told. Just a thought. Oh and islams reward isn’t focused on 72 virgins.  That’s an extremist view on recruiting weak minded Muslims.

ME: Lol bro you sound like the other muslims I meet tunnel vision… read what I posted I am not discriminating nor have I been forcibly told anything nor am I dissing my own faith….. Adil Khan   I know where I stand on this but I was asking the extreme preaching imam some questions testing his knowledge and if he was any kind of Islamic expert as he claimed he was he should have been able to answer in a better way lols.

Adil Khan: Cal Sarwar I 100% agree with you. But with all these different schools of thought and jamaats it’s extremely hard to pinpoint the correct view.

ME: Adil Khan No offence but my issue here is ‘blindly following’ hate preachers and even peaceful ones who would rather react in an offensive manner, intimidate or violently rather than talk and debate…
as everyone knows I’m a shit stirrer at times or devils advocate or some say mischievous, it comes from my radio programmes, law debates and research days.. or maybe I just like to play mind games…
I was a self a taught dj, studied law but the psychology came naturally..

Alfie Riaz: Its brought up regularly by ppl like robert spencer and pamela geller

ME: like I said Alfie Riaz my point was made and aimed at this guy in particular to check his response and knowledge.. he could have said what you have just posted and rebutted my questions further with lots of other references.. but instead acted almost violently. More or less letting down his faith.. However I have heard Islamic preachers use this virgin reference in talks and speeches in the past. They are mentioned in the Quran ‘houris’ and the Hadith.. For example, in the Sunan Ibn Majah, one of the six major Hadith collections,[31] it states in a hasan (good)[9] narration that every male admitted into Paradise will be given eternal erections and wed to 72 wives, all with libidinous sex organs.[10] Similarly in another hadith with multiple narrators that has been graded hasan (good), it states that the martyr (shahid) will be married to seventy-two of al-hoor al-‘iyn.[32][33] Also reported in Sunan al-Kubra and Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and declared sahih (authentic)[9] by Ibn Abi Shayba, Ibn Hibban, and al-Hakim is the hadith that states the servant in Paradise will be married with seventy wives and that they’ll be given the sexual strength for a hundred.[37]    its just another topic which the Islamic Ummah can’t agree or disagree on. heres just one of the sources.

ME: rest assured if it were all true then the likes of my atheist friends Brian Kirkwood Gareth Wynn Vernon and others would be converting tonight lols..

Brian Kirkwood: Don’t know if I could handle 70 bloody 2 women lol

Gareth Vernon: Cal, I prefer my ladies without Mustaches so that would be a NO for me

ME: Gareth Wynn Vernon then you are in luck… there are some graphic details in some scriptures and guess what… 100% no hair except on the head, smooth silky skin, firm round breasts, feel like virgins everytime you do them I’m not going to describe their bits though… and Brian Kirkwood 72 virgins easy.. you will have the sexual power of many man and have a permanent 24/7 erection and again it will feel like sex for the first time everytime for ever. and guys I am not kidding this info is actually in many confirmed holy scriptures and some in the Qur’an… so you know what I’m getting at here. I am talking about something that Muslims do not talk about  thats why most don’t know about it….its all there in the documents… Porn erotica call it what you will. my faith has graphic details about sex including oral and so on… happy days its all too much i’m off to have a shower..lols…. before I go one me thing…….. in heaven there is a market where you can get anything you desire no money no credit cards its all on the house including women and if you want to do them… you can there and then!

ME: Stick with me peeps I specialise in myth busting… give me a subject and I will blow the lid…   my next blog is gonna be about why I think Thomas Jefferson one of USA’s founding fathers had a personalised Quran which they sometime let you see.. and why one of then is shown holding a Quran in an old pic/painting… oh and where did the notion and whole idea of the illuminati new world order came from? Yes Islam….

Will update regularly




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