Don’t be fooled not all of Pakistan is in mourning today!.


Don’t be fooled not all of Pakistan is in mourning today!. We can’t forget that the Taliban has a core support of over 30 million people in the country. These people will remain quiet while their neighbours condemn, cry and mourn. However they will continue to send their children including their daughters to the extremist Madrassas (Islamic schools) to have them radicalised, trained and nominated to carry out or support atrocities such as the one we saw yesterday.

In thousands of Madrassas across the country behind closed doors they will be making special prayers for their heroes and Martyrs, No, not for the innocent children and school teachers that were slaughtered but for the gunmen.

Eradicating the Pakistan Taliban and their school of thought isn’t a simple matter. The Taliban is not exclusively based in the North West of the country either. Every city and every town in Pakistan has at least one or more Taliban affiliated Madrassas. What this means is that potentially there are thousands of Taliban military Cell’s spread across the country which can fire up a civil war overnight if they wish to do so.

For years commentators, researchers and specialists in the subject have recommended and suggested that the Pakistan authorities must control these Madrassas and stop the oxygen they provide to their cause. However government after government have done nothing because of that, ‘the fear of civil war’  or the mass uprising of extremist Islam. Without a doubt it’s this fear which is being used to whip the government today. This is then coupled with Taliban or Shariah supporting Mullah’s in parliament which makes the whole thing more complicated and impossible to resolve.

And so the government to appease the anti Taliban public sends the military to rural areas such as  Waziristan, Kyhber Pakhtoon and other areas in the North to bomb settlements and villages which is an incredible smoke screen, because there is nothing left there to bomb! they know that the majority of the Taliban and the hierarchy have become wise to that and are training and living in urban cities and towns. But they dare to carry out raids in urban areas because of the consequences.

The Pakistan Taliban have been allowed to grow beyond any imagination by Pakistan’s authorities and secret services and know they have to pick up their game and become even more ruthless and active than they have been before to retain their status and stranglehold on Pakistan, hence yesterdays attack.
They are concerned that they are losing personnel to the Islamic State, which is not only a concern for them but a huge concern to Pakistan’s authorities.

This attack wasn’t the first of its type in the country and sadly it won’t be the last.  The solution? I don’t think there is one which can be applied through a peaceful, violent or any process.


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