Malala Yousafzai’s Media Circus ‘The real story’

Malala Media & the Money Making Circus ‘The real story’
Just as the reality of the Pakistan school Massacre sinks in where over a 130 kids were killed along with many teachers it’s time to reveal the truth about the West’s much-admired human rights activist Malala Yousafzai. The real story in short of her rise to notability and to ultimately becoming a Nobel peace laureate and why she is the most despised girl in Pakistan.

But before I go on, the Peshawar attack wasn’t the first against school children in Pakistan since the attempted attack on the life of Malala herself a few years go. No my dear reader dozens of children have been killed and permanently maimed before and since that day which saw Malala’s profile raised to saintly status.

After this cowardly attack in Peshawar and many before it there were children who needed special medical attention which wasn’t available in Pakistan, but how many of them were immediately shipped to the west given priority medical treatment? The answer my friends is NONE, ZERO, ZILCH! for them there wasn’t any helicopters, there wasn’t any special vehicles to transport them to better equipped medical facilities even in Pakistan itself, Islamabad or Lahore.
Have you not wondered why no other child has been singled out for special help? Have you not wondered why Malala was given preferential treatment?

In fact friends most injured children were given the care equivalent to a cleanup, a few band aid plasters and left to die. The ones that have survived, maimed and emotionally scarred for life will once the media frenzy is over and along with their families be left to fend for themselves. Yes dear reader, the kids and their families will be left alone to pick up and rebuild their lives and told to put the whole episode out of their minds.

Unlike Malala..there is NO and will be NO counselling or emotional support for these kids. There will be no lifelong free medical treatment for them either, the governments financial compensation a token gesture won’t allow for that.

For them just as for the many others who have been shot before and since Malala there will be NO re settlement to a safer environment, NO new luxury lifestyles, NO private state of art healthcare NO private education and NO recommendations for the Nobel peace prize?

So I say wake up the western world the Malala circus is a smokescreen disgusting inequality and blatant favouritism and, I like many others who know the truth are annoyed, irate and frustrated about the Malala media circus. Recently her blood stained uniform went on public display. really? how macabre.
The worlds sweetheart and favourite ‘Fake’ Human Rights activist is probably the most despised girl in her home country. No fault of the girl herself though she was only a child when the animals attacked her and may Allah bless her. But why are questions not being asked about why and how it all happened? Well my friends I’m going to fill you in. Exactly why this girl was singled out by the Taliban and the rest of the story.

Facts that emerged before and since her shooting.
1. Her father a journalist, teacher (with media connections) was using her name, claiming she was the famous schoolgirl blogger, in reality they were his posts using his child’s name deliberately putting her life in danger all the time thinking they (the terrorists) wouldn’t intentionally target a child would they? What kind of father would do this?
2. A manipulating triple agent.
Yes as well as a journalist he was and still is a valuable informer for the USA, Britain and Pakistan’s intelligence services. Hence the influence and rush to help just one, yes one injured child, not any child but his child from amongst many others who were hurt and left to die and fend for themselves. Now in the UK guess what? he has been elevated to diplomatic status (coincidence?) and has carte blanch to write his own cheques by continuing to exploit his daughter and keep her in the shooting line albeit surrounded by armed security.

The western public need to see through the Malala smoke screen and money making machine.
The terrorist have killed over 300 children since the Malala shooting and injured many others, is their story publicised, were they given special medical attention, shipped to countries with state of art medical facilities, re-allocated in safer countries or given any financial or even moral support from anyone outside their families NO!

Just a few (Nov) weeks ago a school was blown up and several children were killed with scores injured did Malala or her father comment on this? NO! she had turned her attention obviously under her pops instructions to comment on rights in other countries (Africa).

But Hey she finally did speak out about the Peshawar attack, obviously she could not avoid this huge event, and so apparently her heart is broken… whilst her joint Nobel prize winner from India of all places, pleaded with the Taliban. ‘please take me, do what you want with me, but let the children go’


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