Sydney Siege – Peshawar Attack & Farting like a cow!

It’s been an incredible news week so far, 2 disturbing terror attacks the first by a self proclaimed Islamic Shaykh for all intent and purposes a professional harebrained lunatic and serial criminal. Incredibly Australia’s immigration authorities resurrected their ancient laws providing sanctuary for criminals to give this mad creature political asylum so that they could spit in the face of a hard line Islamic Nation, Iran. But low and behold he goes on a binge of sexual feast in the very country that gave him security, shelter and numerous other benefits including the right to free speech and peaceful demonstration. With a string of convictions for sexual molestation, and many other incidents pending he incited religious hatred, he intimidated non Muslims and the families of Australia’s dead soldiers, he was even suspected and under investigation for murdering his own wife.

Despite all this and alarm bells ringing that would burst any rational thinking Aussies ear drums, Australia’s judiciary and law enforcement found it fit to allow this lunatic to walk the streets of Australia as a free man. If they were not going to lock this man up in some sort of penal detention centre then at the very least this man should have been in a lunatic Asylum or deported to his home country where he was wanted for various crimes.

Then there was the callous attack on a school in Pakistan. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said about this incident. Except that it’s not all over and incidents like this will not stop. Pakistan’s politicians have a duty of care to their people which they are blatantly disregarding for personal gain. In the immediate aftermath politician after politician spoke with incredible rhetoric which was no more than attempts to point score and put one over their political rivals.

On a lighter note scientist discovered that the planet Mars belches methane gas. or in a lay mans terms farts like a cow.


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