The Islamic Schools (Madrassas) The Terrorist Breeding Grounds in Pakistan

Across Pakistan, there is an incubation of a radical brand of Islam and it’s no secret that its happening in many of schools or Madrassas, publicly and covertly it  has gained incredible power over the law makers. They the Madrassas are solely set up to spread their own purist form of the Islamic ideology. And many of their students are going on to become not only firebrand clerics, imams and preachers but assassins hell bent on spreading this ideology of theirs from beyond the classroom, using unimaginable terror and despicable violence.

Pakistan is a nation that has extremist ideology deeply entwined in its education systems and infrastructure.  Many of the Madrassas in Pakistan are without a shadow of a doubt the nation’s chief terrorism producers, from students attacking Shia Muslims, Christians and other minorities and damaging public property to militants planting bombs and creating lethal terrorist cells. These Madrassas, the Imams, clerics and terrorists have theorists, or groups such as the Tehreek e Taliban and Al Qaeda amongst many others.

What they all have in common is that they are all extreme and strict Sunni Islamists who are hell bent on a mission to destroy contemporary values and ways of life to establish their own interpretation of exclusive Sunni Islamic Shariah law in the country.
These extreme Islamists groups and their hierarchy turn out the literature and provide the ideas -the very soil- on which extreme militancy is planted, incubated and grown, first inside the Madrassas and then on the streets of Pakistan.

The Pakistan state has been entrapped in a cat and mouse game with these extreme groups for many years. However while playing a devious charade with their nemesis and incredibly under the watch and very noses of Pakistan’s various security services the extremists have established a solid wide reaching effective and functioning network. A clever marketing campaign and system with the threat of hellfire which has secured extensive popularity appealing to millions across the nation.

Because of some kind of a rationale or reasons completely beyond the bounds of comprehension of a normal and peaceful person, a good few of Pakistani politicians have also chosen to stand by and support extreme Islamists as comrades and brothers in arms in the struggle against the state.

All Muslims and I really do mean all, will agree Islam is a creed and a foundation for a virtuous life- however none other than the extremists Muslims themselves deny that its influence and stranglehold has contributed significantly to throttling development in Pakistan.

The extreme Islamist groups have developed and encouraged a prevalence where children are to be raised and influenced to trust with conviction, wholly without any questioning and hesitation in the eternal hereafter which in turn has diminished their interest and thirst for a long term life in this existence. The extremists accept that it’s absolutely acceptable for a child to attend a school or Madrassa to learn about Shariah, the Quran and Islam. But anything beyond that is considered as immoral and evil thus their outrage and violent response. The girls are particularly singled out and kept in entire darkness like the blind in a deliberate plot to keep them illiterate and so to be raised to pander to the needs of the men for whom they will serve as akin to slaves.

This is a plan which is working meticulously since it has and is influencing millions of parents to enrol their children at these Madrassas and to ultimately follow the merchants of heaven known as Shaykhs of Islam by the truck load.

Non-conformists are looked upon as immoral heathens, however there is nothing the Shaykhs and their followers won’t do for their cause and so Insincerity, hypocrisy or double standards are also extensively practiced to infiltrate and destroy people, their lifestyles or establishments and anything else that they believe strays from their interpretation of outmoded societal requisites of Islam.

Unfortunately these groups and Madrassas with their interpretation and variety of Islam have produced a culture of fundamentalism in Pakistan from which non conforming innocent children, civilians and non combatants will not be shown any mercy and cannot escape.

The growth of these extreme groups has steadily created an ailing, dangerous and merciless society inclining in the direction of myth, away from reality and steadily in danger of collapsing in on itself. The entire nation is in a state of chaos and confusion with sporadic self-destructing war zones  emerging daily at the hands of the violent extremists.

And the state is as much complicit.

In the midst of all this, a great number of influential officials and politicians who would rather defend the rights of organizations like the Tehreek e Taliban and other extreme Islamic groups and are somehow failing to realize that their mere existence is a threat to Pakistan’s survival, and if this instability continues it will eventually throw the nation into a turbulent black hole from which it may never emerge.

Extreme Islamists already have an edge in Pakistan’s religious society, the infrastructure and stage provided to them by the state and powerful Mullah’s has produced a serum or marketing ploy fiercely capable of making ancient customs or draconian actions and ideas alluring again.

Even in secular countries extreme activists representing any faith should be kept under the state’s close watch and under the strong hand of the law.  But Pakistan is an Islamic State struggling with its identity. The administration is struggling to find a point where modern 21st century laws which can undoubtedly help Pakistan develop and ancient Islamic Shariah Law as interpreted by the extremists can comfortably meet and live side by side in peace.

According to the extremists it’s an impossible objective, remember, their endgame is either the Islamic Shariah and the Caliphate that goes with it or continue with terrorism.

To achieve security and goals which will be beneficial for Pakistan, sacrifices will have to be made. Licensing, monitoring and even banishing many of the nation’s Madrassas are just some of the paramount necessities to preserve the nation.

However seeing the stranglehold and the huge wide ranging influence the extremists exhort in the country through the Madrassas, the religious lobby in parliament and thus exploiting the Islamic faith, and then the states own reluctant to show opposition to anything un Islamic  it’s no less than an impossible task.


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