Human Rights In Saudi Arabia

This Kingdom of apartheid is so exceptionally influential that it controls both the White House and Downing Streets foreign strategies in the Middle East. An incredibly apartheid and powerful nation, a fully paid member of what is today the not so secret but all dominant Illuminatti or New World Order, an obvious and clear double agent, a major conniving player and backer on many rivalling political sides including those involved in violent conflicts in the middle east.

A nation where up to 15% of the population is deprived of its fundamental equal rights as set out by the UN Hr charter simply because of their race. A nation where if you do not conform to the master race your opportunities are so brutally and blatantly limited, where black men are barred from holding most administration jobs, where black woman are routinely accused and prosecuted for witchcraft (today there are more than 50 foreign maids on death row) a nation where the charge of children is awarded to the parent who has the most ‘superior bloodline’ based on ‘race’ alone.
Abhorrently whilst on their lavish trips the Kingdoms rulers the princes and princesses and other hierarchy are routinely without any question permitted to bring back and forth their personal incarcerated workers or slaves to the United Kingdom and the United States.

That country is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Under pressure from President Kennedy and the USA this Wahabbi Kingdom or the seat of Islam officially put an end to slavery in 1962. An achievement which was out of the reach of the Ottoman Empire and the League of Nations. Unfortunately it was on paper alone and today 50 plus years later slaves are regularly sold and exchanged on social media and classified ads in newspapers. They are routinely abused even in public, mentally, physically and sexually, many have been beaten to death including in posh London and New York hotels.

The Saudis have clutched onto and practiced their draconian racist rights longer than anyone else.

As reports of the news that the Ottoman Empire was making sweeping changes and considering the outlawing of African slavery and enforcing equal rights the Shaykh of the Ulema the chief cleric of Mecca immediately declared a fatwa which decreed that ‘the abolition of slaves is contrary to Islamic law (Shariah).” and that because of this the Turkish people have become non believers or infidels and thus it is lawful to make them and their children slaves.

With the Kingdoms rising economy and unrivalled oil wealth slavery was unnecessary. Previously black African slaves were employed by Saudi employment agencies or slave masters who were paid by directly by foreign oil companies. However eventually these unskilled workers were not what the oil economy required, it needed trained engineers and technicians from the West.

With fast international travel now possible the same agencies began to bring in the engineers from the West but this also opened them up to a new and cheaper market place for employees the reasonably well educated Asians. And so they began to pour in to do the domestic, labour intensive and construction work which the illiterate African slaves once did.

In the 1950’s there were approximately 500,000 African slaves in the Kingdom and today they have been replaced with 8.5 million guest or foreign workers.

The majority of this huge workforce is frequently treated very similar to or alike to slaves, however unlike the official black African slaves they cannot be legally referred to as property and are subsequently easier to replace and dispose of.

Numerous deaths of foreign workers go un-investigated or un-reported, workers regularly go missing or are dismissed after alleged accidents or beatings at the hands of their employers. Recently Nepal alone reported 265 worker deaths in the Kingdom in a single year.

Human Rights defenders from around the world have described conditions for migrant workers in the Saudi territory not too dissimilar to modern day slavery. Today Saudi Arabia has become a dangerous terrain for these activists who have become targets for the secret Shariah police and services specifically set up to hunt them down.

Whilst the Human Rights organisations painstakingly make attempts to find ways to make the Saudi hierarchy think again without themselves being arrested or deported, almost three million African Saudis continue to be denied equal rights.

African/Black Saudi’s are barred from holding many official posts including, serving as magistrates, judges, diplomats, council and security officials. African/Black women are even barred from appearing on camera, TV or in any media publications.

A Saudi human rights group recently reported many black children are barred from mainstream schools and there are no schools or services for black children in the state.

To keep the Saudi Master bloodline and race pure and clean Equality in marriage is also observed or ‘Kafa’ah is used to determine that both sides are free from the taint/dilution of any slave blood, or the blood of West African slaves ‘Takruni’ or ‘Mawlid’ slaves who acquired their freedom through conversion to Sunni Islam. Genealogical records are kept and produced as required.

Sometimes disputes and challenges to the Kafa’ah of a marriage arise after the wedding has already taken place when family members uncover history of African ancestors in either of the partners.

In this case the ethnically inferior party is ordered to present “evidence of equality” This can be in the form of documents, family trees and witnesses. If the couple is adjudicated to be imbalanced or unequal, “Children’s custody is usually given to the ‘racially superior’ parent.”

The Saudi’s have made great efforts to ensure that former slaves are prevented from marrying those with accepted or pure bloodlines and thus this has resulted in increased interbreeding.  This culture of blood relative marriages in Saudi Arabia is as high as 70% and perhaps the reason why the Kingdom has the second highest rate of birth defects in the world.

Bizarrely a Saudi cleric recently blamed this trend on female drivers despite the fact that women are barred from driving in the country.

In Saudi Arabia everyone is marked and pigeon holed and has their place in society from the African Saudi’s, the women and to the non Muslims and migrant workers.

On route to the holy city of Mecca, there is a Y junction directing the traffic, a right turn for “Muslims” and to the left for “Non-Muslims.” The Saudi authorities strictly adhere to only allowing certified Muslims into the holy cities of Islam. Recently a non-Muslim lorry driver from Indonesia who mistakenly wandered into Mecca was detained and sent for an Islamic Shariah trial.

Similarly, women are disqualified from holding many jobs, they are barred from driving and some are sometimes electronically tracked to thwart them from exiting the Kingdom. International or Guest workers in Saudi Arabia are more or less considered to be slaves and are treated as such, their identity documents are seized by their employers, preventing them from leaving the employment or Kingdom without consent.

The guest workers nevertheless, if they manage to endure the witchery and occult related allegations, physical beatings and sexual assaults, will escape back to Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia or the Philippines with very little of the money that they were originally promised. Unfortunately the Afro-Saudis have nowhere to return to; as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the only home they know.

The Arab slave trade was very much more extended, more punishing and far more tenacious than what Europeans and Americans are acquainted with and left behind huge numbers of Afro-Arabs across the Middle East and Afro-Turks in Turkey. While African-Americans are evidently and widely represented in American life, Afro-Arabs and Afro-Turks suffer from a lesser status which blatantly prevents them from any political power and keeps them out of public view.

The American military in Iraq were surprised to discover large numbers of Afro-Iraqis there. These Afro-Iraqis are a legacy of the Zanj slave uprising when 500,000 African slaves rose against their Arab masters. The Afro-Iraqis are liberated and free, but are relentlessly mistreated and discriminated against. In Gaza, 12,000 Afro-Arabs endure daily discrimination. However it is the Afro-Saudis who are the best kept secret in the Middle East.

Nawal Al-Hawsawi was nicknamed the Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia when she took three women to court who offensively called her “Abd” or slave. Nawal withdrew the allegation after she received an expression of regret and apology, but the insult, gibe or derision of “slave” is one that Afro-Saudis have to live with every day in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s religious custom and hierarchy still perceives blacks as slaves and women as second class citizens and there seems no end to this school of thought and practice.


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