Terrorism – is Britain Next?

Is Britain next?
How likely it is before an attack such as Al Qaida’s 7/7 on British soil is successful?

As Terrorist attacks orchestrated by Daesh/Islamic State/IS/ISIL fanatics around the world rise, there is no doubt that wannabe violent British Jihadis are proud of the heinous work carried out by their spiritual colleagues.

However, at the same time sleeping British terror cells and lone wolfs will be extremely exasperated on their failure to make their own statement.

British Daesh actors will be chapping at the bit to come to the table after the recent attacks in France and Tunisia and it is a huge testament to our security services that till now they have been unable to execute a major plot.

Over the last few years dozens of home based schemes have been thwarted. Many Cells and Lone wolfs have been apprehended in the early stages of their planning , Since 7/7 our security forces due to their exceptional training and support have been extremely successful while at times somewhat fortunate in spoiling dozens of potential assaults in Britain.

Their incredible work has gone unsung and unpraised, the news of arrests and the nipping in the bud of potential terrorist assaults have never been fully reported or publicised.

The gross murder of British soldier Lee Rigby on a street in London in May 2013 was a unique attack for which no security agency in the world could have possibly prepared for or prevented.

All the time pressure is being cranked up, the vile and chilling rhetoric coming from the Daesh leader and the self-acclaimed caliph of the Islamic State Shaykh Ibrahim Baghdadi is unremitting.  Rest assured British Daesh actors the violent Islamist Jihadi minds are listening.

Taking into account the official number of British based Daesh sympathisers who have answered their Caliphs call and travelled to join his forces in Iraq & Syria the numbers for Daesh supporters remaining in Britain must be in the tens of thousands.

They may not all be violent or intent on creating violence but their ideology is a dangerous one not only today but also for future generations.

However the immediate concern today is that within that huge number there will be a portion of Daesh sympathisers who have the intent and are radicalised enough to carrying out their Caliphs instructions by the letter.

How small is that portion 1 , 50 100 a 1000? Nobody knows exactly.

It would be realistic and fair to say that the number of Daesh comrades with violent intentions freely roaming the streets of Britain will be running into at least 3 figures if not 4. There is no shortage of willing Islamist killers or martyrs in our country.

These Islamist extremists in Britain unlike in Europe and Africa are simply struggling to obtain armoury such as Kalashnikov’s or equivalent assault rifles, and other such hardware to carry out their ambitions.  They are lacking the resources which are thankfully heavily restricted in Britain hence the Lee Rigby attack using kitchen knives and cleavers.

The arrests of potential violent extremists to date have been of those who have been found out attempting to substitute professional hardware with homemade devices, purchasing ingredients for pipe bombs so on and so forth.

But as we move on violent Islamism networks are growing their funding is increasing and thus weapons such as rifles and ammunition will become easier to source. A particular area of concern is the increase in weapons such as assault rifles being smuggled into Britain from Eastern Europe.

Attempts to carry out major assault like 7/7 or as the ones we saw in France here in Britain are imminent. The threat is live and real, when where and how the next attack will be carried out? Nobody knows, but at the very least we can be sure that there will be no lack of persistence and endeavour by the violent jihadis.


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