Hajj Deaths.. Why some Hajji’s should not feel so snug..


The Hajj the definitive Muslim experiences, the mandate from God and the triumphant deed or the ultimate accomplishment of a Muslims life, a spiritual phenomenon for some at least.

A time for the pilgrim whether he or she is rich, affluent, poor or noble in good health or bad to show he or she is at par with his fellow human beings.

These 3 million journey men and women are ordained to dress in a specific manner. The males shall all dress exactly the same way as their brothers, women the same way as their sisters. All the men will don the same haircut and the women will wear the same Islamic headwear; this is no catwalk, there is no display of designer labels this is not a holiday destination this is a mission and if accomplished correctly its one step further one step closer to the gates of paradise.

They must also all perform the same number of prayers in exactly the same language in precisely the same way at the very same time and the very same sites. It is a time and place where the balance of equality for every pilgrim is ordered from a divine source.

Despite the rush of hot adrenaline, the excitement and joy of reaching this destination every pilgrim is aware that for their pilgrimage to be successfully registered by the divine angel scribes and ultimately accepted by their God he or she must carry out this assignment with humility, in tranquillity, at peace and with kindness at all times for this destination is Gods home on earth. Any unruly behaviour could cancel out and slay their lifetime ambition.

But alas despite the prerequisite and the guidance there are those who feel fit to behave contrary to their Gods decree. Haphazardly and aggressively they push, they rush and they shove, in a place heaving with 3 million pilgrim’s men women and children, the old the young and the infirm.

This behaviour is akin to offloading a full cartridge from a Kalashnikov ak47 in to the crowd. One trip, one person falling over can lead to a potential catastrophe which has been clearly evident year after year. But still these Hajjis nay these selfish self-centred arrogant people feel fit, feel they have the right to behave in such an appalling manner in this divine sanctuary.

For the deceased, I feel for their families but as a Muslim I am also overjoyed for those innocent ones who have passed on in this most recent disaster. They have been nothing less than murdered by their fellow Hajjis and can be considered as real martyrs ‘Shaheed’s’ alas they can be assured of a place in paradise. But those who have returned from making the pilgrimage and were responsible for initiating the stampedes those whose behaviour was contrary to the Hajj decree and protocol I suggest that you don’t feel so snug….


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