Shag hard or Britain becomes a Muslim nation…

Britain becomes a Muslim country..

Despite the hype Britain is on course for an almighty crash after which it will become a SPLIT society forever.

In three governing corners we will have the Muslims, in the solitary remaining corner will reside the rest of society. My friends this split is inevitable, whether it happens in our lifetime or after we are long gone rest assured it will happen. It will be ugly, for some it will be manifestly wrong. And it will signal the beginning of the new Islamic world.

If you’re deaf and blind you can be forgiven for not noticing the trends but if you are fortunate to have both senses intact and still believe that this prediction is wrong then my dear friend you are undoubtedly suffering impairment to the  fragile contents in your cranium.

Over the past 20 years, innumerable hostilities and terrorist attacks have been committed by a myriad of groups and individuals claiming that they have a holy mandate and thus are carrying out their deeds for the sake of their faith Islam. Yet Western politicians of almost every nation and party have consistently declared their conviction that, notwithstanding the violence perpetrated in its name, Islam is a “religion of peace.”

The vital question is who is right? Do Muslims who pledgee and implement violent jihad against unbelievers of Islam essentially misinterpret their own religion? Or are Western leaders accepting sanctuary in a comfortable fiction while protecting themselves from an extremely problematic truth?

Today Western nations are involved in tense and difficult military action in several Islamic states and with rising Muslim minorities at home, the response to this query is of critical prominence to the future of the Non-Muslim and Western Civilization.

Depending chiefly on Islam’s own scriptures, literature and history, I searched for answers is Islam a religion of Peace?

Without intentionally or unintentionally offending peaceful Muslims my friends, brothers and sisters who currently hold the majority in Islam, the scriptures coherently consistently and somewhat articulately demonstrated that Islam is vehemently a passionate but violent and expansionary dogma that ultimately pursues peace through the conquest and annihilation of other faiths, cultures and structures of governance.

The scriptures convey to me that Islam is as equally a system of government as it is a religion, and it endeavours to outspread its specific and divine lawful cipher, Sharia law, over mankind. Therefore for Muslims living under non Shariah ordinance there is an almighty illogicality and thus misperception and incompatibility reigns.

Islamic strategy splits mankind into two dominions: ‘Dar al Islam’ The Holy Lands, where Islamic decree holds supreme power, and Holy War, the rest of mankind and lands ‘Dar al Kafir or ‘Dar al Harb’ on which war must be directed until Islam is dominant. The “peace” that Islam pursues is a mankind amalgamated under the Islamic creed and Sharia law in which all other religions, ideologies and political administrations have been stifled or eradicated. “Jihad” is the War the peaceful or violent struggle against the world and mankind to bring it into “submission” (the Arabic meaning of the word “Islam”) to Islamic order.

The West has been programed to trust that the jihadists shown in the media are fanatics, revolutionaries and extremists who have perverted their faith to succour a violent purpose. In fact, (putting non-conforming jihadists aside, there are bad unruly soldiers in every army) their actions (let’s say for arguments sake the good jihadists) are taken directly out of orthodox Islam and are endorsed in the Qu’ran and the Hadith, the life of Muhammad.

By probing into the Islamic literatures, I learned that the fastest-growing religious conviction in the world Islam for what it is: tolerates violence and is an expansionary ideology however, if you are a non-believer it postures an imminent danger to yours and Western Civilization – a datum to which the leaders of Western nations remain resolutely unsighted.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in Britain not only because more and more Muslims are arriving on these shores but the birth rate for Islamic new-borns is much higher than of all the other faiths combined. It’s no secret Muslims tend to have larger families than other faiths. In the last 15 years the number of Muslims living in Britain has almost doubled to 2.71 million, it’s predicted by 2050 there will be more than 10 million British Muslims. Then add to that the demise of the Christian church and the size of their families, Christians are leaving their faith in hoards to embrace atheism ultimately giving way to Islam to become the largest faith in the country.

Islam a gigantic faith has been incubating for some time and today it is manifestly prowling and developing in the corridors of power of this country.

As The British Islamic congregation swells so does the number of elected Muslim politicians who according to Islamic scriptures are currently serving under a false edict.  However the day is approaching when these British Muslim politicians will have to show us their true position and their loyalty or disloyalty to their faith.

So my non-Muslims friends if you don’t go out and breed more of your own, increase the size of your families to retain your culture and stronghold then It’s not a matter of if? but more of when? the British Islamic revolution will be completed.


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