Pre launch press interview

Cal what is or are the reasons for you writing this book?

In one sentence; To entertain, educate, inform and reveal Islamic terrorism from the inside and put something different and nearer the truth out there.

In a little bit more detail please;
Everything I have personally read about Islamic or faith based terrorism is mainly technical or academic and written in an English language that only scholars would understand.  Furthermore most of this genre is written by non Muslims who have made an effort to describe Islamic protocols without any real insight knowledge and thus I believe have fallen well short of the real facts and life on the ground.

What qualifies you to talk about this issue?
As a Muslim myself the content for this manuscript is coming from my personal knowledge of Islam and research on this very concerning topic which is not going to go away sometime soon.
As a former human rights activist, I have firsthand experience and knowledge of violent extremists and the Taliban in not just the North West (near Pak-Afghan border) but across Pakistan as a whole. My work and research took me to some remote places where I met, watched and spoke to many Jihadists during the last two or three years including very young radicalised children who have gone on or are preparing to help commit atrocities on the word of their Imams, Mullah’s, Sheikhs and Mufti’s.
And I have to say it was galling and stomach wrenching to witness hundreds of kids, boys and girls being methodically radicalised in the countries many Maddrassas or schools.

Cal, tell us more about the contents in the book.
Where do I start? Ok.. I have begun the preface with the academic references for the three major faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam in plain English and in a simple to understand manner. Discarding all the unnecessary jargon and sticking to the fundamentals that connect and disconnect the three faiths. All this squeezed into less than 25 pages describing the key points and to be quite honest all we need to know.

The Holy Men & The Despots
In this section of the preface I have included brief descriptions of the faith based warmongers pretenders, hoaxers and the dangerous religious leaders that have for centuries been responsible for merciless bloodshed and have today made a comeback under the guise of religious clerics.

The author’s right or wrong interpretation of violence and Islam.
Here I have written a piece once again in a plain English style on something I believe many Islamic authors, scholars and particularly Muslim clerics and groups have been very slow in coming forth with. Since 9/11 the majority of the Islamic world has had an issue with laying their cards on the table so to speak re this rising endemic ‘Islamic Faith Based Violence.’ Year after year and atrocity after atrocity they have failed to publicly announce or publish which side of the Islamic fence they sit on.
Albeit the vast majority of the worlds Muslims are privately disgusted and abhorred with the extremists dragging their faith through the mire and misinterpreting its message.
It’s simply a few pages of no holds barred and honest observation and my understanding of the Islamic faith. And I do honestly believe that the majority of the Muslims in the world will agree with my peaceful view again albeit in silence.

There you have it around 30 pages of plain and simple getting to the point facts and explanations, as I understand them.
A bit of a history lesson and a bit of me speaking my mind hopefully on behalf of the peace loving Muslims around the world.

If the first 30 pages of my views and the historical facts as we know them are not entertaining enough for the reader, I have then turned  this book on its head and done something that I believe no Author or Publisher has ever done before with this topic.

I have encompassed which I believe accurately  (unlike Hollywood) and in detail the Western Islamic Jihadist life in to a full length novel. In fact if we take away the terror element then you could say it’s more or less the life of an average Muslim living in the West. All we have to do is replace the characters terror related activities with a full or part time job in the workplace.
It gives an incredible insight or fly on the wall view into how an Islamic Terror Cell and Lone Wolf operates.
There are two prongs to the novel. The Cell is based in London and led by a callous commander who finds ways to finance, recruit, exploit and then deliver a series of spectacular attacks for the sake of his religion.
However, unknown to the commander and his cell is that they have a rival who also wants to make a statement of his own as a Muslim Jihadist.  A ‘Lone Wolf’ a teenage Muslim schoolboy from the city Manchester, who uses the internet to covertly radicalise himself and painstakingly plot his own attack.
On a busy Saturday afternoon, the Cell and the Wolf plots unexpectedly meet when the city of London suffers spectacular carnage and the biggest terror attacks the country has ever witnessed.
As the authorities investigate and the news media report the deadly attacks and before any of the victims have been laid to rest, numerous leaks reveal a catalogue of astonishing oversights, which lead to huge embarrassment and criticism of the UK Police, Army and politicians.

After the gripping thriller, I return to the facts. I have included the English translated verses and one particular chapter from the holy Qur’an, which the Islamic terrorists regularly use to justify their actions.  Are the verses taken out of context or are they stand alone and mean exactly as it says on the tin? I don’t claim to be an Islamic scholar and I have already mentioned earlier in the book about my views and take on violence so I shall leave the readers to decide for themselves.

Then there is also a cold and dark to do list, a letter found in one of the 9/11 hijackers luggage which gives us an insight into his step-by-step final preparations and hours before the Hijacking.

The chilling facts do not stop there further in the book is a spine chilling section with actual quotes and comments from Islamic Jihadist themselves. These quotes reveal clear evidence that the Jihadists really do see the world and the value of human life in a very different way to the rest of us.

Then finally at the end of the book again the facts will continue to astound and horrify the reader. The scale of this Islamic based terror endemic doesn’t really hit you until you see the catalogue of the atrocities and the number of armed Islamic militias around the world today. It’s a fact that more than 10,000 people have been killed by Islamist Jihadists every year since 9/11/01. (130,000) That’s 44 x 9/11’s or more than 3  x 9/11’s every year.

Cal how do you want the public to perceive your book and what are your expectations.

Firstly, I hope and pray I have not offended any faith, group or individual and if I have I want to make it known its unintentional and I would like to apologise profusely in advance.  I have included my social media details where any individual or group can contact me about any queries or issues they may have about the books contents.
As a Muslim myself and having had my manuscript read by 5 Islamic scholars and clerics from around the world, I have been assured the book does not contain anything blasphemous insulting or derogatory about any religion or faith including Islam.

Putting that aside , as well as entertaining the reader with the fictitious story, I believe the factual information in the preface, my views for what they are worth, the listing of terror and extreme groups, quotes from their representatives will both inform and educate the reader on this fascinating but worrying topic.
I hope my book will interest and appeal to readers from all walks of life, nationalities and faiths including Muslims and uniquely also to people who do not normally read reference books or crime thrillers but would be keen to know more about peaceful Islam and this opposing and extreme Islamic ideology.

Cal Sarwar thank you for your time and sharing your views and your book with us.
We wish you all the best with it.

Thank you it was a pleasure.

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