Reviews of my new book

  • The cell The Wolf & The Faith is a cleverly arranged synthesis of reference and creative writing.
    Alan Turnbull
    Journalist/Independent Book Review
  • Religious terrorism around the world has had a knock on affect on all our lives therefore, we must learn more to prevent ignorance about this man made issue. There is no better place to start than reading The Cell The Wolf & The Faith.
    Colin Wetherspoon
  • An incredible fusion of several genres in one book makes it stand out.
    The Islamic view, conspiracy theory or rant, depends on how you look at it (mid book) from the key character is worth the purchase price alone.
    Robert Priestly
    Independent Book Review
  • As an Islamic scholar and teacher it is difficult to argue with the authors views on Islam and violence. An education with entertainment for non Muslims and Muslims alike.
    Zouhair Mahjoub
    Teacher. Tunisia
  • I was educated then entertained and then horrified by the facts.
    Jean Stewart
    School Teacher. Edinburgh
  • If you are looking for an insight into Islamic based terrorism read the book
    If you are looking for reference read the book
    If you are looking for entertainment read the book
    Alec  Jones
    Independent Book Reviewer
  • I thought it was interesting from an academic perspective, as it’s a look into a Muslim lifestyle that I’m unfamiliar with. I’m aware of the basics of Islam – five pillars and that stuff – but it’s enlightening to see it “lived” out more. Of course what I can’t tell from the story is exactly how much of the Islam portrayed in the book is normal and how much is because of being Jihadists. I assume most of the routines are what any Muslim would do. I know the regular prayers and halal foods is normal.
    The one thing I struggled with from a story perspective was that I was never sure if I was supposed to root for the terrorists to succeed because they’re passionate about their beliefs or if I want them to get caught because they’re terrorists. I don’t know if they should be portrayed more sympathetically as an oppressed minority or if they should be portrayed as madmen who don’t represent true Muslim beliefs.
    An Excellent preface about religion and the author’s personal views,
    with an incredible easy to follow story. 10/10 for originality look forward to reading book 2
    Mike Hunter
    Harvard University
  • The information in the preface blows you away it’s so easy to understand and follow.
    The 3 religions are connected then meticulously dissected to show us the disparities. The author’s analysis on his own faith and violence are a pleasure to read, If only people of all faiths had the same views as the author. The novel sits perfectly in the middle, depicting cold blooded and callous terrorism from the inside with its storyline gradually leading to a crescendo of chaos.
    The chilling facts at the end tell their own terrifying story.
    Yvonne McCallister *****
    Independent Book Review

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